Vehicle Insurance

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Is your Vehicle covered?

Comprehensive protection for the vehicle you love to drive.

Buying a car can be a big decision, particularly if you are taking out finance to purchase the car.

Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance covers you when:**

  • Your vehicle is involved in an accident, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Your vehicle is stolen, damaged or destroyed by fire.
  • Your windscreen breaks (don't pay any excess!).
  • You are responsible for accidental damage to someone else's vehicle or property (covers your legal liability and defence costs).

Agreed Value

The amount is agreed to by both parties at the time of insuring the vehicle, renewable every 12 months.
You are paid out the Agreed amount in the event of total loss.

Tailored policies to suit your budget

Want a lower premium? Our voluntary excess options let you match your insurance to your budget.


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We can even match your existing no claims bonus!


Car home and contents insurance


Save with bundled car, home and contents insurance

Combine a Carminder comprehensive vehicle insurance policy and a house and/or contents insurance policy and get a 15% discount off your Carminder policy and 10% discount^ off your house/contents policy.


Optional extras

Use gap insurance to pay the difference between your vehicle payout and what is left owing on your vehicle finance up to a maximum of $10,000.


Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. These are outlined in the  Co-op Insurance NZ GAP Policy Document which is available from your credit union, or Co-op Insurance NZ.

Roadside assistance from less than 13 cents a day!
What would you do if you broke down, locked your keys in your car or ran out of fuel far from home?

Add roadside assistance to your car insurance today.



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Carminder Motor Vehicle Policies are underwritten by Credit Union Insurance Limited. Co-op Insurance NZ is the trading name for Credit Union Insurance Limited. You can download the policy document from here, contact Co-op Insurance NZ on 0800 369 258 for a copy or contact NZCU Steelsands.

**Please refer to the relevant policy documents for full terms, conditions, exclusions and details on the maximum amounts paid. 

Credit Union Insurance Limited (trading as Co-op Insurance NZ) has a BBB- insurer financial strength rating, given by Fitch Ratings. Fitch Ratings Insurer Financial Strength Ratings: AAA (exceptionally strong), AA (very strong), A (strong), BBB (good), BB (moderately weak), B (weak), CCC (very weak), CC (extremely weak), C (distressed). Notes: "+" or "-" may be appended to a rating to indicate the relative position of a credit within the rating category. Such suffixes are not added to ratings in the 'AAA' category or to ratings below the 'B' category.  

The House and Contents Policy is underwritten and administered by Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited. Please refer to the Policy document for details of the terms, conditions limits and exclusions – you can view a copy of the House Insurance Policy here and Contents Insurance Policy here.

^Vero discount applies to the company premium only. There is no discount applied to the natural disaster premium of government levies.