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"Steelsands Credit Union trading as NZCU Steelsands, NZCU Marsden, NZCU NZME, NZCU Alliance & NZCU Employees strives for service over profitability."

We are a not-for-profit financial co-operative registered as a Credit Union under the Friendly Societies and Credit Unions Act 1982. This means all profits (after providing necessary reserves) are distributed back to its members and members own the Credit Union - 100% locally owned.

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From 1 March 2010, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989 required every deposit taker (unless otherwise exempted), including credit unions, to have a current rating of its creditworthiness given by an approved rating agency.

The Credit Union is not required to obtain a credit rating as it operates under the exemption contained in the Non-Bank Deposit Takers (Credit Ratings Minimum Thresholds) Exemption Notice 2016 (Exemption Notice). The creditworthiness of the Credit Union is therefore not rated by an approved rating agency under the above Act. The Exemption Notice will apply to the Credit Union because it has liabilities of $20 million or more but less than $40 million, would be unduly onerous and burdensome for the Credit Union to comply with the requirements to have a credit rating. 

As a mutual financial organization, NZCU Steelsands is democratically governed by its Board which is elected from and by its member-owners.

Casey Parker General Manager

Casey joined NZCU Steelsands in December 2020, taking a progressive step in her career after 16+ years of leadership experience managing a number of ASB branches across Auckland. Casey brings with her extensive lending experience and leadership qualities that will carry NZCU Steelsands into the future, where we can build opportunities for future growth and forward planning for our tomorrow. Casey has grown up in the Franklin area and is very proud of her young family and being an active part of her community.


CEO Profile

Casey Parker General manager

Board of Directors

The Board is elected by, and is accountable to, our member-owners. The Directors are responsible for the overall corporate governance of NZCU Steelsands including its strategic direction, establishing goals for management and monitoring achievement of these goals. Their guidance is one of our secrets to success.

“Our Board is privileged to serve its members and are committed to maintaining a strong Credit Union where the interests of members are paramount. We seek to do that through strong risk management policies and processes that ensure our members funds are protected. At the same with the support of management we seek to deliver superior returns to members that encourage them to utilise the products and services we have available. ”

Board of Director Profiles

Director since Appointed to the Board in 2000

Retired from New Zealand Steel Ltd and BlueScope Steel in 2012 after 32 years of service
When I read the Credit Union motto and philosophy of " People helping People', I joined the Credit Union movement. I have been a member for over 20 years and on the Board for a number of years. I have been impressed and proud that at Steelsands we follow that principle. It’s all about people. We give with an open heart and receive with humility.

Director since Appointed to the Board in 2015

Employed at Refining NZ since 2008 -February 2021
General Manager at Taimahi Trust
I share the values of the Credit Union movement and hope to see it grow in New Zealand.

Director since Appointed to the Board in 2004

CUINZ Member
Former Trustee NZ Credit Union Foundation & Collin Smith Memorial Fund Managers Retired from New Zealand Steel Ltd
"If I am to dream, I dream alone. If we all dream together then we shall achieve..." Princess Te Puea

Director since Appointed to the Board in 2001

Held Chairperson role 2006 – 2010
CUINZ Member
Employed as IS Principal Engineer at New Zealand Steel Ltd since 1991, Retired in 2020
I strongly believe in the Credit Union philosophy and with Credit Unions owned by their members it means the benefits go back into the communities and that is something she is proud to be part of

Director since Appointed to the Board in 2019

Employed as Group Manager Manufacturing Excellence at Alliance since 2017.
Previously Employed by NZ Steel Ltd

Director since Transferred from ECU Board in December 2020

Employed by Fletcher Construction for 51 years (1967 to 2018) as a construction estimator.
Elected to the FECU Board in 2002, and transferred to the Steelsands Board at the time of the transfer of engagements December 2020
My primary concern is to look after our members and give them a voice at the Board table. I am committed to the principles of the Credit Union movement.

Director since Transferred from the ECU Board in December 2020

Elected as Chairperson of NZECU Board from Feb 2018 – Jan 2021, transferred to the Steelsands Board at the time of the
transfer of engagements in December 2020
Shane is a passionate advocate for customer - (and New Zealand) centric solutions, is an expert in overcoming the unique
challenges presented by migrating to and integrating with cloud services, clearing the path to innovation at scale.
As a Director he strives to achieve collaborative decision making and leadership regarding the direction and strategy of
the credit union. Compliance monitoring and best practice guidance.