Rates and fees

Please note our fees and charges will be updated on the 1st of June to reflect changes in our Account Management fee

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Free services

  • No Joining Account Fee
  • No Account management Fees
  • Free deposits into NZCU Steelsands or any of their branches accounts.
  • Free Internal transfers between NZCU Steelsands or any of their branches accounts.
  • Free External transfers from your NZCU Steelsands or any of their branches.
  • Access to balances, transfers and transactions via Internet and Mobile APP.
  • Quarterly paper statements or online statement service.
  • Over-the-counter cash withdrawals(Glenbrook Only).
  • Set up of bill payments.
  • It is free to download and use the AccessMobile APP; however usual mobile data costs apply.

Goal Saver & Everyday Accounts

Effective 12th March 2021

Everyday Accounts  
S1, S2, S3 & S4 (Transactional Accounts) 0.00% p.a.*                                         


> Unlimited transactions permitted.

> Interest calculated on the daily balance and paid monthly.

> Account eligible for annual bonus interest.


Goal Saver 
$0  -   $   999 0.05% p.a.*

$1,000  -   $4,999

0.10% p.a.*
$5,000 + 0.40% p.a.*


> Interest calculated daily and paid monthly.

> Account eligible for annual bonus interest



Loan Provider
Funds held for loan security (whole balance) 0.25% p.a.*                                              


> Interest calculated daily and paid monthly


Christmas Saver 
$   0    -     $5,000 0.80% p.a.*
$5,000 + 0.40% p.a.*

> Save by regular deposits to account. No Lump sum deposits permitted

> No Withdrawals Permitted.

> Interest calculated daily, paid annually on 31 October.

> Funds are available for withdrawal between 1 November to 31 December.

> Interest Rate includes loyalty benefit.  Not eligible for bonus dividend.


Jimmy J Junior saver (ages 0-11 yrs)
Interest Rate 0.80% p.a.*

No minimum balance.

> Interest calculated daily and paid monthly.

> Birthday card and deposit of $5.00 to account with regular deposits

> Membership Certificate for New accounts.

> Not eligible for bonus dividend


* Interest rates are indicative only and subject to change without notice.
   Maximum deposit $150,000 per member

Account fees 
Goal Saver Unlimited transactions using Internet Banking
Jimmy J Junior Saver Unlimited transactions using Internet Banking
Dishonoured Automatic Payments (AP) & Direct Debits (DD)
$0.00 Inwards (dishonoured by bank)
$7.50 Outwards (dishonoured by NZCU)

Rejected external APs (first is free)

Cheque Services
$10.00 Stopped Cheque
Dormant Accounts
$3.00 Dormant account monthly fee



Eftpos/debit cards

ACCESSCARD® & AccessDebit card fees  

$0.30 per transaction 
$0.90 per enquiry or decline


$1.15 per withdrawal 
$0.90 per balance enquiry or decline

Glenbrook Site ATM
$1.15 per withdrawal 
$0.90 per balance enquiry or decline
PaypassTM Tap & Go for purchases $80 and under (AccessDebit only) maximum of 5 transactions per day to a maximum of $150
ATM - Maximum Cash withdrawal amount per day (including overseas) $  1,500
EFTPOS - Maximum purchase amount (including overseas) $10,000
Overseas transactions
Overseas ATM withdrawal - AccessDebit Card


Overseas Eftpos transaction, Enquiry and Declines  NZ$0.80
AccessCard multi currency conversion fee (applied at the prevailing buy rate by Mastercard®)
AccessDebit foreign currency fee (on the NZ$ value of the transaction) 2.25%
Overseas Transactions - only available where the Mastercard label is displayed  
Service fees
ACCESSCARD New & Replacement cards
AccessDebit New and Replacement card


ACCESSCARD & AccessDebit administration fee
$1 per card, charged monthly
AccessDebit Voucher Search Charges $57.50 per disputed transaction

Personal loans


Personal loan rates

Security Type Interest Rate
Pledged Loans 8.00% p.a.                                          
Fully Secured loans greater than $20,000 9.95% p.a.
Fully Secured loans less than $20,000 11.50% p.a.    
Partially Secured 12.00%-13.00% p.a.
Unsecured 14.00% p.a.



Personal loan fees

Personal Loan Approval  $75  
Third Party Charges (vehicle check, redbook valuation and registering security over vehicle)   $33.50 (cost for one vehicle only)


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Home loans

Home Loan   
Floating 5.45% p.a. 


> Other rates may apply depending on your personal circumstances and level of equity.
> Interest rates are indicative only and may be subject to change without notice.


Effective date: 30th March 2020

Home loan fees

Home loan - approval $250


Other charges

Where the Credit Union incurs a charge from another organisation when acting on a customer’s behalf including credit checks, legal costs and disbursements or costs associated with the registration of securities, the Credit Union will pass these costs on to the customer. Due to the nature of these charges the exact cost will not be known until the time of application. If you would like further information about these possible charges please contact us on 0508 692 848.

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Overdraft type      Interest rate
Secured 11.50% p.a
Unsecured 14.00% p.a.


> These are indicative rates only and may be subject to change without notice.

Overdraft fees

Approval $50


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Term deposits


Interest rate
3    months 0.30% p.a.
6    months 0.70% p.a.
12  months 0.70% p.a.


Effective 12th March 2021

>Interest is calculated on a daily basis and paid at maturity.  Interest can be paid to a nominated account monthly.  For deposits of 6 months and over, interest can be

   compounded quarterly.

> Investors are advised of their options prior to maturity.

> Maximum deposit $150,000 per member.

> Minimum deposit is $1,000

> These are indicative rates only and may be subject to change without notice.

> Where a term deposit is withdrawn prior to the maturity date, the break rate fee will be the agreed Term Deposit Interest Rate at time of application less the Term Deposit Break Rate.  

The current maximum break rate to be applied is 1%

    e.g. Original investment 12 months 3.5% less 1% leaving 2.5% as the interest rate applied.  
    Early withdrawals will only be considered for genuine hardship.


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