Financial Hardship Assistance

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Fin hardship


We can all go through times of financial hardship for a number of reasons.  If you are going through a tough time, do not be afraid to call us, we may be able to help.


Situations that may apply to you:


- Impact of Covid - 19

- Job Loss

- unexpected reduction in income

- Illness or injury that has altered your ability to work.

- Change in family situation

- relationship breakdown


If any of the above situations apply to you please get in touch and talk to us.  The sooner we know the better and we can start working on a plan.  If none of these situations apply but you are struggling contact your local branch for assistance.


Failure to contact us or delaying contact, may reduce your eligibility and our ability to help.


What Kind of assistance is available?


- extending the term of your loan.

- Lowering repayments in the form of an interest only period loan.

- Deferring loan payments for a period of time (Loan holiday).


We are member owned credit union and believe in tailor making a solution to fit each individuals needs.  Don't delay call us now on 0508 69 28 48 or apply online using our financial hardship application form.



Financial Hardship Application