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Take the hassle out of juggling all those loan repayments and give yourself freedom.  Consolidate your debts into one competitive personal loan with NZCU Steelsands - we could save you money on interest, reduce your weekly repayments and help you pay it off quicker. 


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Helpful Guides and Information

What does debt consolidation mean?

Debt Consolidation loans mean combining multiple loans into one. Instead of repaying a number of creditors, you only need to manage a single repayment. No more hassle. No more worries. Which frees you and your finances up to invest, increase your savings, or just enjoy life. Other advantages are debt consolidation loans usually have lower interest rates than all of the single loans combined, therefore not only making your life easier, your loan is paid back a lot quicker and you will probably end up paying less!

What is debt consolidation, and how does it work?

With a Debt consolidation you combine all of your existing loans into a single, easy-to-manage payment, reduces your interest rate and makes life that much easier. Interested!! Read on to learn more about how the process works.

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What are the benefits of debt consolidation?

Putting all you loans together into one loan will help you save money, with the advantage of lower interest rates and help you pay your debts off quicker. 

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What sorts of debts can I consolidate?

Any debt you have can be consolidated, whether it be credit cards, store cards, hire purchases and any other loans.

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How does consolidating loans affect my credit?

It’s a commonly held belief that a debt consolidation loan will negatively impact your credit score. But is this actually true? Or is this nothing more than a financial myth? Read on as we explore the topic, and detail just how debt consolidation can actually help to improve your credit score.

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More information on our loans

  • We have flexible personal loan terms available up to 60 months
  • No early repayment fees - you have the option to make lump sum repayments and pay your personal loan off faster
  • View our personal loan rates and fees here

When applying for a personal loan it's important to consider all of the costs involved. 

Below is an example of the total costs included over the term of a secured vehicle loan:

$15,000 personal loan

+ $50 approval fee

+ $31.75 third party charges (credit check, vehicle check and registering security over vehicle)


Set up over a term of 3 years (156 weeks) at 9.95%p.a. interest = weekly repayments of $111.50