Overdraft Facility



NZCU Steelsands overdrafts will provide you with quick and easy access to cash for when the unexpected occurs.

Whether it may be vehicle repairs, unexpected medical expenses or you may have fallen short, a simple, easy overdraft from NZCU Steelsands could be just the solution. Apply today and you will know instantly if this facility will be approved and you have quick access to the funds^.

Don't wait   Enquire now 

  • You will be able to apply over the phone, if you are an existing member of NZCU Steelsands.
  • Your overdraft will have an agreed limit which you can borrow up to, if and when you need it
  • Unlike traditional overdrafts you can choose to have a reducing limit, meaning you can gradually decrease your limit through regular repayments
  • Or you may find a fixed term overdraft will work better for you, giving you access to extra funds for a specific length of time. No minimum repayment is required and the facility is removed on expiry of the term.
  • Easy access – your funds are easily accessed with an AccessDebit Mastercard®
  • Maximum overdraft $2,000

^Subject to approval.

Fees apply. Click here to view current rates and fees.

Benefits of an overdraft? 

Designed to help you when you are caught short of funds, an overdraft facility is linked to your everyday account.  Allows you to access extra funds instantly and avoid overdrawn account and dishonour fees. You will only paying interest on the amount overdrawn  You will have 24/7 access via AccessDebit Mastercard®, Internet Banking or our Mobile APP.