Personal Loans from 9.50% p.a.*

Personal loan
Personal loan

Personal Loans from 9.50% p.a.* to 15.50% p.a.* fixed term.

You can use your personal loan for almost anything.  Are you thinking of purchasing a new car or boat? Maybe some home renovations or take your family on a holiday? With our competitive interest rates and flexible terms, a personal loan from NZCU Steelsands could be just what you need to make it happen.


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secured finance from
9.50% p.a.*

minimum $300

normal lending criteria apply

unsecured finance from
15.50% p.a.*

minimum $300

normal lending criteria apply

At NZCU Steelsands, we listen to what you would like to achieve and work with you to find the best personal finance option available. We offer competitive rates for both, secured and unsecured personal loans. Use the loan calculator above to find out how much you could borrow and how much you could save by getting a personal loan from NZCU Steelsands.

More information on our Personal loans

  • We have flexible personal loan terms available with a maximum term of 60 months.
  • No early repayment fees
  • You have the option to make lump sum repayments and pay your personal loan off faster, with no penalty
  • View our personal loan rates and fees here

When applying for a personal loan it's important to consider all of the costs involved. 

Below is an example of the total costs included over the term of a secured vehicle loan:

$15,000 personal loan

+ $150 approval fee

+ $33.50 third party charges (vehicle check and registering security over vehicle)


Set up over a term of 3 years (157 weeks) at 11.5%p.a. interest = weekly repayments of $114.57*

 *this does not include Loan Minder cover


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Helpful Guides and Information


What can I use my personal loan for?

Absolutely anything! Whatever your wants, needs or goals NZCU Steelsands will help you achieve them.

Whether it may be paying off some of your debts, purchase something new or to go on a holiday or adventure, invest in your future, or simply renovating your kitchen, we are here to get you sorted with a NZCU Steelsands personal loan.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Are your debts weighing you down? Tired of managing and remembering to make repayments on store cards, credit cards or hire purchases.  A debt consolidation loan can help you break free. Consolidate all of your debts into a competitive personal loan with one easy-to-manage repayment with NZCU Steelsands.

Car & Vehicle Financing

Whether you are purchasing your first car, upgrading your current vehicle or refinancing an existing vehicle loan, we can make the process easy. A pre-approved car loan will give you the confidence that you have the finance ready and waiting when the perfect set of wheels comes along.

Unsecured or secured personal finance - what’s the difference?

At NZCU Steelsands we specialise in both secured loans and unsecured loans. Typically, secured loans are obtained by using collateral as a form of security - such as a vehicle or boat - which can grant you a larger loan amount and a smaller interest rate. While an unsecured loan is obtained without the use of collateral or security, resulting in a higher rate and a smaller loan amount.

Keep reading to learn more about how these loan types differ, how assets are used as collateral, as well as which is right for you.

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What do I need to consider when comparing personal loan providers?

There are more New Zealand personal loan providers competing for your attention than ever before. But beware: not all providers are created equal. Interest rates, fees and charges all vary wildly from one provider to the next. So how do you know which provider is best for you? Read on as we share the 5 things you should consider when comparing loan providers that’ll help you make an informed financial decision.

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Use our personal loan calculator above and apply online for your personal loan today. Contact us for more information or to speak with our team.

Whether you choose to pay off some of your debts and boost your savings, invest in your future, step outside your door and explore the world, or simply renovate your kitchen; here are just a few of the ways you could spend your NZCU Steelsands personal loan