How do I apply for a personal loan?

Whether you’re using it for a new car, to renovate your home, consolidate your debts or for something else, at NZCU Steelsands we offer competitive rates on personal loans.

Applying for a loan couldn’t be easier. Simply apply for a personal loan online by completing our online loan application form, or call us on 0508 692 848.

One of our helpful Member Service team will work with you to determine the exact details of your loan requirement, repayments and the terms so that you receive a loan that best suits you and enables you to live your best financial life.

What happens after I’ve submitted my application?

Our Team aims to review your application and contact you within 1-2 working days of you submitting your loan application. During this process, we may require extra details or supporting documents, which we use to help us make an informed decision on your application.

For more information on your eligibility and the documentation you’ll need, please see ‘Am I eligible for a personal Loan?’ and ‘What information do I need to apply?’.


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