Loan Protection Insurance

Loan Protection


Are your loan repayments covered?

Ever wondered what would happen if you got sick or lost your job? Help reduce the stress with a plan to cover the unexpected with Loanminder loan protection insurance.


Features of Loanminder Loan Protection Insurance:** 

  • Cover in the event of death, disability, trauma, redundancy and bankruptcy.
  • LoanMinder, for a small premium, covers your loan in the event of death or a combination of other covers listed above.
  • Your premiums decrease as you pay off your loan, you will only pay for insurance on the loan balance owing.
  • Premiums are added to your loan at the end of each month, the premium is included in your repayments.

LoanMinder gives you peace of mind and ensures that your loan repayments may be covered in the event of death, trauma, disability, redundancy and/or bankruptcy.


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**For details of terms, conditions and exclusions, please contact NZCU Steelsands to view a copy of the Loanminder Insurance group policy document. The policy is issued by Provident Insurance Corporation Limited

For information on Provident Insurance’s Financial Strength Rating please refer to their website