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From Everyday Savings accounts to a interest interest bearing on-call Goal Saver account, NZCU Steelsands can help you achieve your financial goals. Want to learn more about savings accounts and options? Read more in our helpful guides and information section.


Together we can help you achieve your savings goals

Everyday Accounts

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Bill Payment Account

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An account designed for paying your Bills

Goal Saver

Open a Goal saver account

High Interest Account

Christmas Saver

Open a Christmas Saver Account

An easy way to save for Christmas

Jimmy J Junior Saver

Open a Jimmy J Junior Saver Account

Designed to teach kids savings habits

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Ways to bank with us

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Helpful Guides and Information


What Savings Account is best for me?

NZCU Steelsands offer a wide range of savings accounts therefore no matter what you’re saving for, or how much you’re wanting to save, there’s a savings option for you.  One of our Team at each of our Branches will be able to help you decide on a savings account that works for you and your finances.

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How does a savings account work?

Are you finding it difficult to reach your savings goals, or find that you’re without cash at the times you need it most? A Savings Account could be your ticket to better savings, offering high interest on your savings. Read on as we go back to basics and take a look at just how a Savings Account works, and how it enables Kiwis just like you to save your money.

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