What Savings Account is best for me?

At NZCU Steelsands we offer a range of savings accounts that are designed to meet your savings needs, no matter what you’re saving for, or how much you are trying to save.

Whether it be saving for a new or used vehicle? A dream wedding? Or a long-awaited home renovation? Once you decide how much and how long you need to save for, we can help you choose the right account that will work for to to meet that goal.

The following are different options for savings.

Term Deposits

What is a term deposit? It’s one of the easiest ways to earn high interest on your savings, all while guaranteeing a great return on your investment. Unlike the variable rate of other savings accounts, term deposits earn a fixed rate over the life of an investment term of your choosing, which makes it easy to predict the return on investment you’ll receive from your term deposit.

While the debate over term deposits vs savings accounts can be a complex one, the choice ultimately comes down to how you like to save. Are you saving for the short-term and need access to your savings? Then a on call savings account would be best. If you’re saving for the long-term and would like to earn the highest rate possible, then a term deposit could be a better choice.

Goal Saver

Want to take your family on a holiday? Or would like to purchase a family home? A Goal Saver account would allow you to save each payday and enable you to get our best rate of return while you save for that special thing.

Christmas Saver

The holiday period can be a difficult time for Kiwi families, with gifts and food running off the bottom of your already long shopping list. By signing up for a Christmas saver account, you can take the stress out of the holiday season by saving today for the things you want or need when the giving season rolls around.

In fact, many Kiwi families do something similar already by placing some money aside in a drawer or jar throughout the year, so why not put that money you’re already saving to work? Set up a regular deposit to coincide with your payday.  Funds are available to you in your Everyday S1 Account on the 1st November.

Jimmy J - Junior Saver

A savings account of their own is every kiwi kid’s first step on the path to great savings habits and an even greater financial life, so why not teach your child or grandchildren valuable savings habits in the best way possible with a Jimmy J account?

With a Jimmy J account, your kids also become a member of the Jimmy J savers club, which keeps your kids engaged and is sure to make saving fun. As a member, they’ll receive great extras like a Jimmy J membership certificate and a birthday card each year to celebrate their special day.

And for the parents? Your child can deposit or direct credit amounts from job earnings or make a free transfer of as little as $1 a week from you, a grandparent or other family member's NZCU Steelsands account.

Do you want to save your money and earn interest as you do so? Apply online for a savings account today.