What investment return can I expect on a term deposit?

When you’re looking for a great return on your investment, look no further than a term deposit. Unlike shares, stocks, or standard savings accounts, term deposits work harder to offer kiwis like you the maximum possible return on the money you make today, for the future you’ll be living tomorrow.

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Things you should know about investment rates & your returns

  • Interest is calculated on a daily basis.
  • Investors are advised of their options prior to maturity.
  • Maximum deposit $150,000 per member.
  • Minimum deposit $1,000
  • These are indicative rates only and may be subject to change without notice.
  • Where a term deposit is withdrawn prior to the maturity date, the applicable interest rate will be reduced by up to 1%. The applicable interest rate will not reduce below 0%.

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An example of a term deposit in action

Name: Felix
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 55
Occupation: Mechanic

Scenario: Felix has spent most of his adult life working and bringing up a family.  When he left school he took up an apprenticeship to become a mechanic. Now his children have all left home, he would like to take his wife on an overseas holiday in a years time.

He recently inherited an amount of money and would like to invest the money and get the best return possible. Like most of us, he’s had his fair share of loans, debts, and other expenses that have all chipped away at his savings.

Having compared the savings accounts and term deposits on offer, Felix applies for a term deposit.

How did investing in a term deposit help Felix save?

Felix deposits the $20,000 on a 12 months term. With the way term deposits work, the rate the term deposit if fixed in at is guaranteed for the life of the investment.

By the time Felix and his Wife are ready to to on their holiday, their term deposit had matured and their funds plus interest, which they knew at the time they invested it, what return they would be getting, were available to them for to use.